We invite contributions for oral and/or poster presentations at ICIDN-2023. Abstracts can be submitted in all aspects of infectious diseases, and nanomedicine. You can submit the abstract of your research related to the following topics, but not limited to, :

    - Microbiology of infectious diseases
    - Water-borne, food-borne, vector-borne, zoonotic diseases
    - Blood-associated and sexually-transmitted infections
    - Neglected tropical diseases
    - Emerging infectious diseases
    - SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19 pandemic
    - Epidemiology of infectious diseases of human and other species
    - Infectious disease surveillance
    - Mathematical models for infectious disease dynamics
    - Impact of climate change to infectious diseases
    - Microbiomes in health and infectious diseases
    - Cellular and molecular pathogenesis of infectious diseases of human and other species
    - Host-pathogen interactions in infectious diseases
    - Defense mechanisms of the host against infectious pathogens
    - Innate and adaptive immune response against infectious pathogens
    - Infection and inflammation
    - Immuno-pathology of infectious diseases of human and other species
    - Immune-evasion in infectious pathogens
    - Omics-technology in diagnosis of infectious diseases
    - Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases
    - Recent issues and challenges of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
    - Alternative treatments to antibiotic resistance pathogens, such as Bacteriophage therapy
    - Vaccine development
    - Drug design
    - Nano-materials and bio-materials
    - Antimicrobial properties of metal nanoparticles
    - Approaches for drug delivery
    - Targeted therapies
    - Tissue engineering
    - Regenerative and personalized nanomedicine
    - Novel materials, technologies for diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, cancer etc.

Please refer to the Abstract Submission page for more information on guidelines to submit your abstract for ICIDN-2023.


Last Updated on July 17, 2023